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At DOUBLE SHOTS, we believe in crafting a total compensation and benefits program that mirrors the passion, creativity, and dedication that each member of our team pours into our projects.


As we continue to innovate and expand our horizons towards feature films, our compensation structure recognizes the expertise and artistic prowess that drives our success.


In the world of filmmaking, budgeting is an art form. Just like we handle the budget of a commercial or film, we empower our team members with complete transparency about their financial compensation.


Our goal is to help them see the full picture of their growth opportunities within our company. In 2023, we are initiating a company-wide approach to Base Pay Range Visibility. We believe in an open, fair, and honest communication system, not only in the way we create but also in how we compensate.

  • Base Pay: This is a fixed amount reflecting the role's responsibilities and the skills required. It rewards competence and dedication to the craft, whether in camera operation, animation, or production design.

  • Incentive Compensation: This comprises both short-term and long-term bonuses that celebrate performance, creativity, and contribution to our ground-breaking VFX and cinematic endeavors.

    • Short-term Incentive: Annual bonuses tied to performance and successful project completion.

    • Long-term Incentive: Additional rewards for long-term commitment and contribution to strategic growth, such as expansion into feature film production.


DOUBLE SHOTS offers a suite of benefits tailored to the unique needs and interests of our team:

  • Health Care: Comprehensive medical plans that support our team members and their families.

  • Work-Life Balance: We encourage a healthy balance between work and personal life with flexible hours and a vibrant workplace culture.

  • Professional Development: Opportunities for learning and growth within the industry, including workshops, courses, and exposure to international cinematic techniques.

  • Retirement: Supporting the future with retirement planning and contributions.


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We value the creative voices of

our team, offering the space to experiment, innovate, and push boundaries in visual storytelling.



A fund to support personal well-being, reflecting our commitment to the overall wellness of our team members.



Recognizing the need for rest and rejuvenation, we provide scheduled breaks, ensuring everyone can refresh, relax, and recharge.



We believe in giving back to the community, supporting local art, and contributing to charitable causes.

As we venture into new territories and diversify our offerings, these structures may evolve to resonate with the unique cultural and creative essence of DOUBLE SHOTS.

Our commitment to nurturing talent, celebrating innovation, and maintaining transparent, respectful relationships remains unwavering.

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