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VFX Artist 特效師

Taipei, Taiwan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As a VFX Artist at DOUBLE SHOTS, you will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing innovative and avant-garde ideas. We encourage you to challenge the status quo and strive for excellence in order to create exceptional and thought-provoking content. This is an opportunity to showcase your exceptional creativity and passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Join us on this exciting journey and help us redefine the way people experience film and commercials.

身為 DOUBLE SHOTS 的「特效師」,你將負責構思和執行創新與前衛的想法。我們鼓勵你挑戰現狀,追求卓越,以創造卓越和發人深省的內容。這是一個展示你卓越的創造力和突破極限的激情的機會。和我們一起踏上這場激動人心的奇遇之旅,並在改變觀眾觀賞電影和廣告的方式上發揮關鍵作用。


  1. Experience as a Visual Effects Artist for commercials or films, or similar roles in CG animation and / or Visual Effects production.

  2. Mastery of 3D software such as Blender, Unreal Engine, C4D, or Houdini is essential.

  3. Ability to quickly learn and adapt to DOUBLE SHOTS standards, pipelines, tools, and workflows.

  4. Open to taking technical and artistic direction, as well as having a self-critical eye for addressing notes and feedback from peers and leadership.

  5. Demonstrated a history of problem-solving skills.

  6. Strong knowledge and technical understanding of digital pipeline issues, optimizing all workflow.

  7. Intrinsic drive to improve technical and artistic skills.

  8. Attentive to details and persistent in achieving stunning visuals.

  9. Note: Please attach a link to your portfolio or any past work you’d like us to see.

  1. 具有過去廣告或電影作品擔任特效師的經驗,或在 CG 動畫或視覺效果製作方面的類似角色。

  2. 擅長於 3D 動畫軟體,如:Blender、Unreal Engine、C4D、Houdini。

  3. 高度應變能力,能夠快速學習並適應在 DOUBLE SHOTS 的標準、管道、工具和工作流程。

  4. 願意接受技術和藝術上的指導,並能夠自行處理主管和合作夥伴的筆記及反饋。

  5. 擅長於解決問題並擁有過去的相關經驗。

  6. 對資訊與數位方面問題有深刻的認識和技術理解,能夠優化所有工作流程。

  7. 擁有提升技術和藝術技能方面的內在動力。

  8. 注重細節,堅持不懈地實現驚人的視覺效果。

  9. 備註:請附上作品集其他任何相關的作品連結。

About the Company

At DOUBLE SHOTS, we are relentless in our pursuit to produce awe-inspiring and captivating videos that resonate with our audiences. Do you have an insatiable drive for tackling intricate challenges and redefining the limits of video production? We are on the lookout for extraordinarily gifted and passionate video creators to become a part of our exceptional team. As a valuable contributor to our dynamic ensemble, you will be presented with a rare opportunity to craft trailblazing and immersive videos that will enthrall and enchant millions of viewers on a daily basis. Seize this opportunity to work on exhilarating projects and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of video production.

在 DOUBLE SHOTS,我們致力於創作震撼人心、絢麗迷人的影片。你是否擁有無限熱情來突破影像創意的各種界線?我們正在尋找獨具慧眼且充滿熱誠的影片創作者加入我們優秀的團隊。身為 DOUBLE SHOTS 的團隊成員,你將有機會製作引領潮流、讓觀眾沉浸其中的影片。抓住這次機會,在影片製作領域留下印記。

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